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Hi, I live in Queensland Australia and my parents come from Holland so I can say I'm Dutch too! I went to Holland with my Mother when I was 10. I'm 56 now but remember it clearly. I loved the food!!! Best chocolate milk, ham and of course, salt licorice. Mum and Dad immigrated in about the late 40s. I grew up in a tiny country town of less than 1000 people so not much to do but we did have a great lake to swim in and I often went fishing with my Dad. I was Dad's favourite and I have his blue eyes that I passed to my son's and grandaughter. That makes me feel special. He died at the ripe old age of 91 and he chose to leave this earth on my 50th birthday. Mum is turning 93 this year and cares for her self.I think maybe us Dutch people have a very stubborn streak????🥰 I have enjoyed getting to know you Romee but sad it is about your giant battle with cancer. My beautiful sister fought for over seven years with evil cancer. She left us 2yrs ago, she was only 57 and has 3 amazing son's. We all miss her very much, especially my Mum. Anyway, enough about me and I will follow your story, your life and wishing you well and that all your plans for the future are meet. Warmest regards from Joy Neeltje Kuiper.💝....

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